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Author: Gert Hugo Created: 2015/08/23 06:00 PM RssIcon
Stories, information and photos relating to personal experiences in the War In Angola.
By Gert Hugo on 2015/08/23 06:00 PM
I wanted to talk about emotions and feelings for a while now. I'll try and cover emotions as I relate a very broad sequence of events.

The build-up to Op Savannah was exciting. A few cross border raids etc. made me believe, man o man this is the real thing. Then working with the refugees made me all the angrier towards the heathen enemy. (I did not have the knowledge then that I have now and gobbled up all the propaganda we were fed.)

The trip back to RSA with all its glitches. Taking Toon Slabbert’s unserviceable armoured cars back to Walvisbay from Ruacana. A mad dash overnight as we had to catch the troop train back. Having to beg for a lift from PW bloody de Jager to catch the troop train at Usakos. This after Toon Slabbert promised us that we will be looked after. De Jager is still not one of my favourites because of the way he treated us and made us wait. Bloody arsehole. 

The trip back...
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Operation Savannah
Posted on: Sunday, August 23, 2015


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Re: Operation Savannah
Will there be another reunion .?
By Jack on: Thursday, April 04, 2019
Re: Operation Savannah
Hallo Gert,

jissie, dis nou lekker om van jou te lees. Jy was mos 'n Eland kannonier, ek was ook, net twee jaar later. Het jou op youtube sien praat. Nou die dag weer op www.sainfantry.co.za paar skakels na Ops Savannah herdenking gelees. Ek koekeloer maar van hierso oorsee af en toe van die websites van die ou SAW, net om weer my kop reg te ruk van al die mislike nuus wat mens hierso lees, veral nou oor die toestroming van volksvreemdes in die hele Europa, en hoe hulle blykbaar met oop arms verwelkom word, terwyl ons in Suid-Afrika eerstehands weet wat dan sal gebeur, en 'n wereld wat skynbaar koekoes geraak het.
By German volunteer on: Saturday, October 10, 2015
Re: Operation Savannah
Hi Gert

I was not part of Savannah (was involved with Ratel evaluation at the time); but I have the greatest admiration for those who were - including my youngest brother who was at 2 SAI.

Your recollections are amazing and your comments totally acceptable - as you can only really comment on what and how you experienced. Others may well differ from some of your comments but that's life!

Personally, I think that you should continue writing until you have thoroughly exhausted your memories - and then you should sit back and read through them and accept how important what you guys did was to what followed; and be thankful that you gave your best and survived.

Nobody likes war but soldiers are prepared to die to give others the privilege of saying so.

Forget the politics and look upon yourself as a professional soldier:


I have never ceased to give thanks that life,
Whatever else it might have in store for me, has brought me
Not as a mere traveller but as a soldier into this world.
Wherever we go we often encounter hostility. The eyes that meet ours are often sullen with a consciousness of grievance and hurt.
Even the salesmen, the porters and the others who cheat us and harry us, resent us.
But none of it bothers us.
It is not we, but they who are the newcomers, the interlopers, the transients. We know it and they know it.
We belong to that which is older than any nation.
We are the Greeks, the Romans, the Moguls, the Tartars, the Aryans and the Dravidians.
We go back to the beginning of history. We are the beginning of history.
We are the soldiery!

Best regards

Tony Savides
By TonySav on: Thursday, August 27, 2015